About Thomas Hoebbel


I received my first camera as a gift when I was 7 and I have never looked back. The field has completely transformed since I was running around popping Kodak 126 film cartridges into my Instamatic, but my love for photography hasn’t changed a bit.

After graduating from college, I purchased my first professional 35mm equipment and became more serious about the craft.  I began my freelance career in Connecticut in the early 90s and was a photojournalist for several years before moving to Ithaca with my family and establishing Thomas Hoebbel Photography.

services-videoIn 2008 I added video production to my business offerings and began creating marketing and promotional pieces for area businesses and organizations. Most of my video projects thus far have been two- to four-minute promotional pieces that are intended to give the viewer an accurate understanding of and a personal connection to a service, product, or organization. 

Mobile: 607-351-5154