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The most important tip is to make your video content, professional-looking, short, and interesting (or funny). You want your viewers, who are potential clients to be impressed with the production value of your piece. No shaky, hand held, bad audio iPhone videos. That will turn your viewer off and they will turn your video…(Read More)

Video Marketing is certainly on the rise. Selecting which platform(s) to utilize for the best return depends a lot on what you are promoting and who your target audience is.  Go where your market is, is the best advice.  Learn the media habits of your target market…not only which social media…(Read More)

By Thomas Hoebbel Thomas Hoebbel is a photographer and video producer in the Ithaca, NY area. He creates marketing and promotional videos for small and large businesses, not‐for‐pro its and educational institutions in Ithaca and throughout New York. www.TH‐ Facebook‐thomas hoebbel photo~video Instagram‐ tomhoebbel When creating a “corporate…(Read More)

By Thomas Hoebbel Photographer and Video Producer in Ithaca, NY When creating a “corporate” video, whether it is for your fortune 500 company, a small business, or even a promotional piece for a not-for-profit organization, there are several key elements that are important to include. There are many reasons…(Read More)