Three Tips to Make Your YouTube Video Successful

The most important tip is to make your video content, professional-looking, short, and interesting (or funny). You want your viewers, who are potential clients to be impressed with the production value of your piece. No shaky, hand held, bad audio iPhone videos. That will turn your viewer off and they will turn your video off.

Once you have your great, short, professional piece made, you want people to find it on YouTube. There are some simple ways to improve your chances of having the right people find your piece. Use meaningful and relevant keywords in the description and keywords field of your video. Make sure your description not only describes your product or service, but also the “problem” you solve for your prospective clients.

Another useful tool that is often overlooked is to add subtitles to your video. In addition to making your content accessible to people with hearing loss, many consumers are now watching video on their phones or at work and they may have the sound turned off.  Those subtitles will insure that the viewers are getting your message. Also, subtitles can be ‘read’ and indexed by YouTube so that the content of your script will become searchable and yield viewers looking for information on what you have to say.

Bonus Tip: Put your business or organization’s url in the top line of the description of your video. That will improve the SEO of your own website as the video you created becomes more popular.